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    Yellow Interface

      HI All,

      I am using ODI 11 g.
      I am creating a yellow interface .
      I have created a IKM SQL as source and i have place the syntax

      in Details tab.

      But in Option Tab i am unable to create options so that i can place my select query on that.

      where can i find The IKM has an option VIEWQUERY .

      Please suggest.

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          Hi Lony,

          You can add options to a KM by right-clicking your KM in your project (Designer tab).

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            Hi JeromeFr,

            Do i need to right click on KM in New Option in designer Tab ?
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              Exactly ;)

              Right click on your KM --> New Option.
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                HI JeromeFr,

                Thanks this part is done.

                We have prepaired the IKM .
                Now please let me know how to build the interface .
                Need to know what to drag and where to drag.
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                  Assuming your are following this tutorial https://blogs.oracle.com/warehousebuilder/entry/odi_11g_simple_flexible_powerful :

                  You don't need to drag anything in your interface.
                  Just right click on +<Temporary Target Datastore>+ on the right side and give a name to your datastore (in the Property Inspector).
                  Then add columns (right click on the name of your datastore on the right side) and define their names and datatype (in the Property Inspector) and also set the execution on the Target.

                  For the mapping of each column, set only --* (comment).

                  Then click on the flow tab, choose your KM and enter your SQL code in the option field :).

                  Hope it helps.

                  PS : I suggest you to replace getUserExit by getOption. getUserExit is deprecated.
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                    Yes ...i am following this.

                    BUt i am getting the error while right click and see the data in target datastore

                    See com.borland.dx.dataset.DataSetException error code: BASE+62
                    com.borland.dx.dataset.DataSetException: Execution of query failed.
                    Chained exception:
                    java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
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                      In this tutorial, the yellow interface is use as a subselect. This means that it is not really created in the DB, but is used as a view in another interface.

                      So you've to build the interface that will use this yellow interface as source. You can drag and drop the yellow interface, and check the "Use Temporary Interface as Derived Table (Sub-Select)" option.