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    Auto complete in Endeca


      Does Endeca provide auto complete functionality?Or do we need to use SOLR/ASPIRE etc for this feature?

      Please let me know if some one has implemented this feature with Endeca.
      If there is any plugin for the same - I would like to know the same.

      Note :This post is not related to autosuggestion/DYM feature.

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          Branchbird - Pat
          Yes, it does. If you look at the Discover Electronics sample application that ships with Endeca Commerce, you'll see it in action.
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            Pravin Chikhale
            If you are using earlier version of MDEX, like 6.2.x, you can use XQuery modules and MDEX webservice exposed. Though XQuery is still supported in MDEX 6.3.0 but now you can use Assembler API to do this functionality.

            MDEX web service: http://<HostName>:<DgraphPort>/ws/mdex?wsdl

            Below links maybe helpful to you,
            XQuery guide: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E28910_01/MDEX.622/pdf/XQueryDevGuide.pdf
            Assembler API: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E35827_01/ToolsAndFrameworks.310/pdf/AsmAppDevGuide.pdf


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              Kristen G
              6.2 added some enhancements to dimension search to support implementing auto-suggest. The recommendation is to use that rather than xquery which was marked as deprecated in 6.3. The OOB auto-suggest cartridge in Endeca Commerce 3.1 may be a good reference to look at even if you're using an older version.
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                Hello Kirsten!

                I am using MDEX 6.3.0 so it would make sense to use the dimension search enahncements.
                Could you please help me with the documentation of the same?

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                  Kristen G
                  The docs for 6.3 can be found here: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E35825_02/index.html and dimension search is discussed in the basic dev guide. You can also see the enhancements described in the migration guide in the behavioral changes section. Hope that helps
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                    Thanks Kirsten,

                    We have decided to use the Dimension search enhancements for auto-suggestion but I could not find any relevant document for the same.
                    Can you please direct me to a document that would help me on this?
                    If you can point the specific sections that deal on this, it would really help.

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                      Pravin Chikhale
                      Check below pdf chapter 17,