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    Cannot open customize OAF screen after upgrade to 12.1.3


      After upgrade to 12.1.3, I am not able top open customize OAF screens from Applications.

      By following some documents from MOS, I have done the following.

      1)-applied patch 9879989 on Linux server.
      2)-I am able to install JDeveloper,open and compile my customize programs from JDeveloper installed on Linux server. I compilation, new *.jpx files created from *.jpr

      From Oracle Applications, I am getting the same error that I was getting without compiling customize program.

      My question is that, how Oracle applications will read the new compiled program. Do all program need to be in specific unix directory ?

      I copied all the customized program under " /u01/oracle/jdev_install_dir/jdevhome/jdev/myprojects" .

      I think the problem is now to place OAF files in the problem directory, which I don't know.
      Do I need to set environment variable like JDEV_USER_HOME in the environment file ?

      Please help.

      Best Regards