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    Unable to load data

      We have a planning application with two plan types - A and B. Both have similar dimensions.

      I was trying to load data to Plan Type B using a load rule from EAS but im unable to do so and the error that i am getting is:

      Reading Rule SQL Information For Database [PlayTypeB]
      Reading Rules From Rule Object For Database [PlayTypeB]
      Parallel dataload enabled: [1] block prepare threads, [1] block write threads.
      No data values modified by load of this data file
      Data Load Elapsed Time with [test2.rul] : [0.02] seconds
      Database import completed ['ITCHARGE'.'PlayTypeB']
      Output columns prepared: [0].

      Interestingly, when i use the same load rule and the same data file to load into PlayType A, im able to successfully load data.

      So, im not sure why im able to load the same data using the same rule file into PlanType A but not PlanType B. The error message is not clear too.

      Help appreciated.
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          If there were no errors and there was data being loaded then the message can mean the data already existed so there was no need to overwrite.


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            Im 100% sure that the data was not loaded. I cleared all data before loading and no index file or page file were created. I also did a retreival on the same insections and there was no data.
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              Are you using a substitution variable in your load rule?
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                Hi ,

                Please check the below points once again to confirm you are right on the path.

                1. Try to open the outline for Plan type B.
                2. If able to open , please check for all substitution variable attached to it.
                3. make sure the application is unlock
                4. Try to load the data , with delete this rule file and make same rule file (copy the existing one and delete that)

                let us know if you are still having any issues.

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                  The issue was actually with Xref being carried over from planning resulting in creation of DynamicCalc members in the PlanType B for Accounts Dim. Hence was unable to load data to the dynamic calcs. Resloved the issue by adding HSP_NoLink UDA to all members in accounts dim in Planning and refresing to essbase.

                  Thanks all.