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    Ports required for GG setup (Oracle to Oracle replication )

      GG version:
      OS : RHEL 5.4

      We are going to configure GoldgenGate which is going to replicate the DMLs for few tables (Uni-directonal) from source to target.
      Since there is a firewall between source and target, We need to request the network team to open ports at both source and target servers.

      For manager process , we are going to use the default 7809 both at source and Target. What are the other ports that we need to request the network team to open for both servers ?
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          Annamalai A

          If a firewall is being used at an Oracle GoldenGate target location, additional ports are required on the target system to receive dynamic TCP/IP communications from remote
          Oracle GoldenGate processes. These ports are:

          ● One port for each Collector process that is started by the local Manager to receive propagated transaction data from remote online Extract processes. When an Extract
          process sends data to a target, the Manager on the target starts a dedicated Collector process.

          ● One port for each Replicat process that is started by the local Manager as part of a remote task. A remote task is used for initial loads and is specified with the RMTTASK
          parameter. This port is used to receive incoming requests from the remote Extract process.

          ● Some extra ports in case they are needed for expansion of the local Oracle GoldenGate configuration.

          ● Ports for the other Oracle GoldenGate products if they interact with the local Oracle GoldenGate instance, as stated in the documentation of those products.

          To specify these ports, use the DYNAMICPORTLIST parameter in the Manager parameter file.

          Follow these guidelines:

          ● You can specify up to 5000 ports in any combination of the following formats:

          7830, 7833, 7835
          7830-7835, 7839

          ● The ports must be unreserved and unrestricted.

          ● Each Manager instance on a system must use a different port list..

          Although not a required parameter, DYNAMICPORTLIST is strongly recommended for best performance. The Collector process is responsible for finding and binding to an available
          port, and having a known list of qualified ports speeds this process. In the absence of DYNAMICPORTLIST (or if not enough ports are specified with it), Collector tries to use port 7840 for remote requests. If 7840 is not available, Collector increments by one until it finds an available port. This can delay the acceptance of the remote request. If Collector runs out of ports in the DYNAMICPORTLIST list, the following occurs:

          ● Manager reports an error in its process report and in the Oracle GoldenGate ggserr log.

          ● Collector retries based on the rules in the Oracle GoldenGate tcperrs file

          For more information about PORT and DYNAMICPORTLIST, see the Oracle GoldenGate Windows and UNIX Reference Guide.

          Hopefully this will help you