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    Data from Dimension returns blank values

      Hi Guys,
      IN the BMM I have Position, Instrument,Account and Rate Shocks tables.

      Position is the central table which is
      ------------------- connected to Instrument by instrument_id
      ------------------- connected to Rate Shocks by position_id
      ------------------- connected to Account by account_id

      Position and Rate Shocks have been broken into their respective METRIC tables called Position_Metric and Rate_Shocks_Metric.

      On making a report with a field from each of these tables everything works fine, until I include a field from Account. I then lose Rate Shocks Metrics.

      Any help anyone? The Rate Shocks Metrics just goes blank. I lose all the data. I guess it has something to do with Joins but I'm not sure. How is it that Rate Shocks works when a column from Instrument is pulled in? Instrument has the same relation with Rate Shocks just like Account does.

      i'm confused!!!

      P.S.: The problem started occurring on including a hierarchical setup. Without that, it looks fine.

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