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    Carry Forward the Deduction Amount

      Hi Gurus.

      My client requirement, if deduction amount is greater than earning, the deduction should be carried to next month. I guess this can be achieved through Net Pay balance and by changing the priority to deduction element.

      Example :

      Basic - Earning - 500
      HRA - Earning - 300

      Social allowance - deduction - 1000
      Furniture Allowance - deduction - 1000

      In this case social allowance should deduct 800 in current month and remaining 200 should deduct in next month. Furniture allowance should totally deduct next month. Note the deduction amount is calculated from indirect results. One more point if its December month, it should not carry forward.

      I am struggling to write this logic in my formula for last one week. Need your help guys.

      Thanks in advance