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    'invalid element address' when exporting to ACSLS-managed CAP

      We're running OSB using an ACSLS-managed SL8500
      library with a single CAP. The library is one of two that is
      managed by the ACSLS silo manager.

      The ACSLS-side CAP configuration is

      # [13:49] acsls-svl:~: qc
      # 2012-12-06 13:50:17 CAP Status
      # Identifier Priority Size State Mode Status
      # 1, 1, 0 0 39 online automatic Eject
      # 1, 1, 1 0 39 online automatic Enter
      # 2, 1, 0 0 39 online automatic available

      where 2,1,0 is the CAP associated with the OSB SL8500 library.

      We're seeing the following issue when we attempt to configure
      and use the CAP. All other library access operations via OSB
      or ACSLS work w/o problems. Specifically, we can write to tapes
      and use ACSLS to enter and eject tapes using the CAP in question.

      The following illustrates the problem:

      First clear the old device:

      [14:28] crbkpadm-sca:~: /home/pcondran/osb/cfg_cap
      + obtool rmdev --nq cap2A
      + sleep 15
      + obtool lsdev -lVg cap2A
      Error: can't resolve device cap2A - name not found

      Configuration of the new CAP device appears to go smoothly:

      + obtool mkdev -t cap -l crbkplib-sca-2 -s 1 -c 0 cap2A
      + obtool lsdev -lVg cap2A
      Device type: cap
      Debug mode: no
      Library: crbkplib-sca-2
      LSM: 1
      CAP id: 0
      UUID: f9a8907e-d0bc-102f-b130-002128bc6b6c

      However, the export operation errors out when we attempt to use the new CAP:

      + /usr/bin/obtool lsvol -C crbkplib-sca-2
      + grep L25008
      6571 6571 1 VOL003319 L25008 CR-MEDIA-BKP-LF4 09/17.21:05 expired
      + /usr/bin/obtool exportvol -L crbkplib-sca-2 -b L25008 cap2A
      Error: can't execute command - invalid element address
      + exit

      Any ideas as to what the problem is and how to fix it?

      Thanks for any help,