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    FMW and EBS R12 communication issue.

      Hi Dear Experts,

      We have integrated Oracle EBS (R12.1.2) with FMW SOA and Siebel using AIA 2.5 PIPs O2C. Users enter the sales orders in Oracle EBS (12.1.2). A scheduled concurrent job pick all this the data from staging tables and does a handshake with and FMW ( ESB process and pass on the info to a FMW BPEL Process and using the File Adapter pass this to a WMS application which process the Order.

      We are having issue from Oracle EBS conc request job to FMW SOA hand shake (apologize if using wrong term). Some time the orders are not picked by SOA and need to bounce the complete FMW services. Sometime we have to bounce the Oracle EBS WF Agent. Now this issue is occurring very frequently and only way to go over it bouncing the FMW and EBS WF. We want to setup the monitoring if these job fails but no idea what to monitor and how.

      Please help me how I can improve the performance of FMW performance as the applications were integrated using AIA/PIPs O2C. Also if any thing to monitor the ESB/BPEL Processes getting inactive.

      Thanks for reviewing , looking forward for suggestion and advises.