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    Unknow Attribute

    Boy Indra-Oracle
      Hi all,

      I try to load somedata from csv to Mdex than display it in studio but got some strange behaviour. I had create a graph that process my file than insert it to Bull Load. If i view data in the last edge before bulk load, everything seems ok but when i see in guided navigation all of my column is not appear. instead attribute "mdex-dimension_IsDimensionSearchHierarchical" or "system-navigation_RecordSource" or "system-group_DynamicContent" appear in guided navigation.

      if i see the data using data explorer, all data is showing include what appear in guided navigation and my original data.


      Best Regards

      Boy Indra
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          Dan at Branchbird
          Hi Boy Indra,

          What datasource is your guided navigation porlet tied to? My guess is that you've tied it to 'default-schema' which actually filters out 'data' records and looks rather at 'system' records. In the Endeca Server everything is stored as a record, even the metadata about your attributes in your data, which is what you seem to be seeing. You might try changing this datasource to 'default' or whatever the appropriate datasource you've setup is.