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    Automatic application login based on network authentication

    Guido Leduc
      Is there a solution to have users log-in automatically into an APEX application if they are already authenticated to the network using their network credentials (ldap). I know it is possible to login with ldap credentials but requrest is to login automatically with these network credentials without using an additional single-sign-on server, etc.

      Also NTLM cannot be used because no Apache server is used.

      Example: Configuration is APEX Listener on Glassfish and user is logged on to the network and when starting the APEX application the user should be automatically logged in to the application.

      What possibilities are there to accomplish this ?
      I know about the solution of Jason Straub (http://jastraub.blogspot.nl/2008/03/ntlm-http-authentication-and.html) however what is the DAD isn't available because of the configuration setup (or usage of the EPG).