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    RMAN selective backup

      I have the following questions from one of our partners.
      For Oracle database version 11g R2:
      Q1: is RMAN capable of backing up a single partition of a database ?
      Q2: is RMAN capable of backing up a single partition of a single table ?

      I know that RMAN can backup a single table, but I could not find anything regarding partitions. Also any documentation you may have on will help alot.

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          With RMAN you can individually backup tablespaces. Or you can do individual datafiles.

          I believe the answer is no to partitions.

          Quote "You cannot use TSPITR to recover tablespaces containing any of the following objects - partitioned tables

          Source - Database Backup and Recovery User's Guide 11g Release 2 (11.2) E10642-03

          You can restore and recover datafile or tablespace in RMAN but not table. You cannot backup just a table will RMAN.

          Depending upon your need, Data Pump may provide the solution you need. The INCLUDE parameter filters objects on an export.

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            Does this apply to my first question as well?
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              Levi Pereira
              Adi Pruna wrote:
              Does this apply to my first question as well?


              If you have a Big Table or whatever you have a option to store only this table on specific Tablespace. Then you can issue on rman "BACKUP TABLESPACE <tbs_name>;"
              This way you will be performing a Backup of Tablespaces as this tablespace have only one table, you will backup a specific table only.

              If you need to restore only this table (I mean Tablespace) you can use Incomplete Restore feature of RMAN by cloning or restoring excluding all tablespace except the tablespace which is stored your table.

              Second option is to use DATA PUMP ( slow to backup/restore) as mentioned by mseberg.
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                Hello again;

                Sorry for the delay.

                Yes it does.

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