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    Can I delete files in the History sub-directory?

      I'm running SQL Dev on a Remoste Desktop session. My session keeps nagging me that I have exceeded the storage limits for my profile. A search reveals that the only large files I have all reside under ~AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer\system3.0.04.34\history

      Most of the files in those sub-directories are <= 8kb. Yesterday I was doing some regex search'n'replace in SQL Developer on a largish script (~110000 lines) which took forever . Not only that, it generated over a dozen files , each ~ 8MB in the process. This may not seem like much, but we're not supposed to store anything on the shared desktop, so the profile allowances are tiny.

      So. Can I zap these files with impunity? Or will it break something the next time I fire up SQL Dev?

      Cheers, APC