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    Consume Endeca Studio Page as a Portlet


      Is it possible to

      1) Consume the pages created in Endeca as portlets in our application??
      2) Consume the individual studio components as portlets in our transaction pages??

      If any of the above are possible, please provide steps/documentation/samples for the same. Also any documentation which could help us understand Endeca Studio page/component portlets is most welcome.

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          Dan at Branchbird

          I am not sure I fully understand the questions. Can you elaborate?

          1) Are you trying to consume the pages of your OEID application so the pages themselves can be searched for in the same application? What are you trying to accomplish? Are you trying to display your pages within portlets on other pages? I am not sure I understand what you mean by 'consume'
          2) Again, what do you mean by 'consume'? Do you want to display the OEID portlets on your transaction (aka. non-Studio) pages?

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            Hi Dan,

            Thanks for the reply. By consume, I mean use the Endeca Studio pages/components in our transaction pages. To clarify:

            1) I would like to use the pages designed using Endeca Studio in our applications (non-Studio).
            2) I would like to use the components in Endeca Studio pages in our transaction pages (non-Studio).

            Currently, our applications/pages support using WSRP for portlets. Also for now, we are only trying to use the studio pages/components after syncing our required tables in the database with the Endeca datastore.

            Please let me know if you require more information.

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              Dan at Branchbird
              Hi Leon,

              Per #1, leveraging an IFRAME, you could certainly embed a Studio page in your application. For security and cross-application interactive purposes, you'll need to pay particularly close attention to your cross-domain javascript settings.

              Per #2, I will start off by saying that this is unintended and unsupported use of the product. That said, you can reference a Studio portlet/component by going to your component's "Configuration -> Sharing" and embedding the <script> HTML and javascript syntax it offers you for that component into your application. It goes without saying that there are a lot of unexpected and unintended corner cases that may arise from this. This isn't expected product use, so you're really off-roading at this point. Be sure to test it thoroughly to make sure you're comfortable with the behaviors. For example, for charts or tag clouds, what is the user going to expect when they click on the links offered by the components?

              Happy off-roading,

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