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    Idc service ADD_USER

    Lucas W.
      Hello WebCenter Content masters,

      I have a J2EE application, and with this I would like to create users and asign them to specific roles.
      I use the ADD_USER (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E28389_01/doc.1111/e11011/c04_core.htm#autoId251) service but it seems I cannot specify the role. And I cannot find a way to do so.

      Any suggestion?

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          refer to "Extended User Attributes Services" in Service reference guide
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            ryan sullivan2
            As of 11g, the recommended and preferred method of managing users is with an external LDAP user store. If you user standard LDAP to add users into your user store, then they will be WCC users as per your mapping configuration.

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              Lucas W.
              Thank you for your answers. I managed to set the users' role by completing my DataBinder with a DataResultSet which has an AttributeInfo field.

              Ryan, I only have the WebLogic embeded LDAP. So I should use some java API to add my users directly in the embeded LDAP and do the group/role mapping with web center content?
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                ryan sullivan2
                Correct. Simply put, in 11g, the users are all 'external' users opposed to the 'local', 'global', 'external' options in earlier releases. You still manage the roles to security group mappings in the User Admin applet (and manage the predefined accts as well), but you'll want to populate the WLS LDAP in your case. then use the jpsprovider to setup the user store.

                The ldap groups (i.e., cn's) that you register the user with in the ldap will turn into the WCC roles and accounts. This is the same process as using a ldapprovider in the 10g and earlier versions.

                Let me know if that makes sense!
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                  Srinath Menon-Oracle
                  Hi ,

                  Adding to the discussion and point that Ryan mentioned , another option would be to create users on WLS / LDAP and then use credential maps on UCM to give the external users desired roles / accounts when they login to UCM .

                  For detailed documentation on credential maps : http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/doc.1111/e10792/c05_security.htm#BGBEDJFI

                  Hope this helps you .

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