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    Unable to fix the employee record

      I seem to have a problem with entering the Nov. 28/12 date into the effective dates field in order to indicate when an Employee became a casual with benefits employee. The problem is there is an end date of Dec 4/12 already in the system and my best guess is this date is tied to the date the employee first applied on an internal job posting in OHR.

      When I date track and enter Nov 28/12 into the effective field the system will only allow me to insert the date from Nov 28/12 - Dec 4/12. I then have to date track to Dec 5/12 and reapply the casual with benefits designation again, so the true effective date of Nov 28/12 for benefits is compromised for monitoring by the benefits department who are responsible for ensuring an employee maintains 913 working hours in a calendar year (in this case Nov 28/12 - Nov 28/13).

      I attempted to delete the job application entry to see if that would allow me to make the benefits entry correct, thinking I might be able to re-enter the job application in later, but the system will not delete the application.

      I've never come across this problem before.When I tried to Delete it it gives me the Purge option.Could anyone tell me what should I do in this situation?
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          Giuseppe Bonavita
          A workaround could be storing the true effective date of Nov 28/12 for benefits in the enrollemnt result DFF.
          Maybe you can achieve this with a user hook (if the day before the employee was enrolled, then store the segment effective_Start_Date in the DFF) - otherwise batch or manual procedure.

          then rather than looking at the benefit start date you can create a custom function to retieve it through the DFF when present.

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