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    ERRORS in the Lab - Developer Day: Oracle ADF and Fusion Middleware Dev

      I atteneded the Developer Day on Oracler ADF and Fusion Middleware Development on 11/19. I did the lab (following step by step instructions) and encountered the following errors:

      1) Export to Excel (Step 4, actions 5-9) - Got run-time 500 error when run app. I had to skip these steps to be able to continue with the lab.

      2) Click on Printable Page (Step 4, action 16) - I looks like it works, but nothing shown up on the browser or printing actually happened.

      3) Click on Create Insert (Step 4, action 26) - Got Java.Lang.NumberFormatException

      4) There is no lab for mobile application development. Where should I start? [getting mobile plug-in software, lab tutorials]

      The instructor said that I could post any questions on the Forum. I hope that this is the correct Forum to post these types of questions. Thanks much in advance for your responses.