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    Installation of forms 6i and 11gR2 in a home PC

      From the company I worked for, (now unemployed) I have a small application (Retail Application) written in Forms/Reports 6i (dmp 1.1GB) and an E.R.P. application (dmp 20 Gb)
      I want to install them in my home Pc (operating system Win7 Home Premium, 4GB RAM, 360 GB hard disk space free).
      At least the Retail Application which is small (30 fmbs).
      Also I would like to install the new version, because I have no experience at all in this edition, and maybe convert the Retail application to the new edition.
      So I downloaded Oracle forms and reports 11g Release 2 for Windows 64. ( disk1, disk2, disk3).
      My pc now is empty, I mean, it has no Oracle Database, neither the Developer 6i (patch 15).

      For Retail I would make the following

      1) install first Developer 6i.
      2) The install the Database ( Oracle XE is enough for the Retail )

      now what should I do, to have both the Retail Application and the new Edition of forms 11gR2? (in my home Pc)

      Please answer me in steps if possible please...

      Thank you a lot.