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    Notification for reconciliation events.

      I have configured the task in the Design console for receiving the email notification for the recon events (insert and update) for xellerate User process form.

      The steps that I followed are:

      In the Design Console add the email notification information in the Reconciliation Insert Received (or Reconciliation Update Received) process task for Xellerate User:
      a. Open Process Management - Process Definition and query for "Xellerate User"
      b. Double-click on the box to the left of the task "Reconciliation Insert Received" (or "Reconciliation Update Received").
      c. In the pop-up window, click on the Assignment tab and configure to use the default rule, target type User, and set the "User" column to the login of the user who should receive the email notifications.
      d. Click on the Notification tab and check the "Assignee" checkbox, set the status to "C" for Completed, and then set the Email column to the email template to send.

      I have setup the Email Server IT Resource as well as the email Ids.Still I am not receiving any emails for the events.

      Am i doing something wrong in the design console configuration?

      Any help is appreciated.Thanks