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      • 15. Re: R installation R not Found error
        My bad... I now installed the rest of the zip files based on your previous instructions.

        I am now able to run the R script. However, it did not list any user tables.
        The ore.sync() produced warning messages.
        One of the warning message I displayed indicated:
        "testusr"."testtbl1" contains unsupported data types

        Therefore, it looks like I am able to connect to the Oracle database using R.
        However, R is not able to list the tables due to "unsupported data types" issue?
        It looks like I have some reading to do about the R Environment.
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          Denis Mukhin-Oracle
          The number of supported data types in ORE 1.1 is limited. It was lifted in ORE 1.3. However, we don't yet have an ORE 1.3 Server for Windows (it should be coming out fairly soon). What you can do is list the tables that you want synced instead of getting all. This way you can bypass tables with unsupported types. The most common type that is not supported in ORE 1.1 (but supported in ORE 1.3) is TIMESTAMP (with all the varieties). So if you want to sync only tables <tt>FOO</tt> and <tt>BAR</tt> you can do
          • 17. Re: R installation R not Found error
            Excellent. I am also reading up on section "Example: Load Data" of the user's Guide that may be of value.

            I appreciate your help in resolving my install/setup issue.
            I could not have done this without your help.

            THANKS !!!
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