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    Advice on good resources on xslt & graphs in BI Pub and xslt in general

      Hi All

      Really appreciate any advice/ ideas on good resources to look at to gain a better understanding of graphs and xslt in BI Pub and xslt in general.

      For example I have some xml data which contains dates and an amount against each date. I group the data on date so it basically looks like:

      2012-01 50
      2012-02 55
      2012-03 70
      2012-05 80

      So I have a date with format of YYYY-MM e.g. 2012-01 and then an amount e.g. 50

      I want to graph it, but also show for 2012-04 an amount of 0. There is no data in the source xml for this period so obviously nothing would show for this period when I group. I do not want to hard code any dates etc e.g. 2012-04, as this list will change over time. I cannot change the source xml so cannot for example ensure an entry for 2012-04 with an amount of 0 exists in the xml file.

      I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out a way to do this reading various books and articles but not getting very far.

      Any suggestions of any good sites to look, or advice saying that this is not possible in xslt would be great.

      I appreciate that the objective of xslt is to transfrom data but wonder if this sort of thing is possible or practical to do in xslt.

      Kind Regards Cel