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      HI Gentlemen,

      I am having two Applications: SC (SmartCard) and SCApplet (an Applet to read a smart card locally). To do so, I am using the OCF package (OpenCardFramework), responsible for the physical read process. Both applications have the two jar files attached: plugin.jar (for the Java plugin to circumwent the native browser JVM) and ocf-cc.jar (all classes for the OCF package). Now when I try to deploy to Weblogic Server 10.3 registered as my builtin test server (this is a must because JDeveloper otherwise goes to its own WLS which does not allow Java 7), the following happens:

      1. Application SCApplet runs A1 in standalone mode with the Applet code as the run target
      2. Application SC ends up with the following error message:
      ClassFormatError opencard/core/service/SmartCard
      and does not display the ADF form for the contents of the smartcard. By extracting from ocf-cc.jar and inspecting the class .../SmartCard with a hex editor, it seems to be normal, beginning with the class magic "CAFEBABE". And that is all I know--no detailed explanation of the error.

      Could anyone help me?

      Thank you, regards,

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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

          anything more that "ClassFormatError" ? E.g. "classformaterror incompatible magic value" which indicates you run the Java Applet in an old Java plugin on the client ?

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            Sorry, no, not at all. (By the way, it was earlier the case, but I discovered that a class that I jar'ed myself was not transformed with the "0" switch--hence, jar delivered a zip-compressed version). However, at the time being this is legacy software, from Cardcontact in Germany; I inspected the guilty class and one another by first extracting them with jar xf, then examining them in hexa notation. Both begin with 0xCAFEBABE. This is really a huge problem to me, because no auxiliary explanation is available. Can it be a side effect (e g CLASSPATH, PATH etc.?) CLASSPATH has both jar files in it. Otherwise the Applet technique would work A1.

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              Would you think it is meaningful to put a service request? Or should I supply more detailed description of how and where my project components lie in JDeveloper? Maybe it graspes another entity as would otherwise be desired.