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    Difference between DRM Action script and Import


      Can you please let me know the exact diff. between Action script and Import.Is there anything that we can acheive with Action script and not import and vice versa.
      Also, we use .txt files as action scripts...can we use .xls files as Action scripts....

      Thanks in advance
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          An import allows you to bring all the data into a hierarchy at once and creates a separate version that you can inspect, check for accuracy, and if you decide it is correct, you then Blend it into your current production version. All the data comes in on 1 line.

          An action script is used to make bulk changes to a property. It is not geared to add new data. If I had a row of data that had 10 attributes, I would need to generate 11 lines for the action script to add that record. Record 1 would be the Add and then there would be 10 ChangeProp lines to add each of the attributes for that row. You can see that if I had 2000 records with 10 attributes for each row, I would be creating an action script with 20,000 lines to achieve what an import can do in 2000 lines.

          Actio scriptds only run off of Text delimited files.
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