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    Findind a list of MySQL servers in the network

      I'm thinking about this idea and I'd really appreciate some directions.

      I have a Java App that connects to a MySQL server in the internal network. Depending on where I'm running the application, the server may be in different addresses. I'd like the application to scan the network for servers and ask the user which server should it connect too, instead of requiring the user to input technical data like the ip address and port.

      I'm guessing this would involve sending a broadcast and testing the servers that reply but I'm not too familiar with these issues. Any information about how I should go about doing this would be greatly appreciated.
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          Well step 1 would be to go read the MySQL documentation and see if it actually supports something like this. If it doesn't then you're basically already done.

          Me - I'd take control myself. If you want to know where things live, create a central repository that keeps track of the information and then the clients can connect to this one repository and fetch the details from it.