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    Excel add-in to Smartview migration


      Our client has a significant number of reports that use Excel add-in functionality.These reports need to be migrated to Smartview due to Hyperion no longer supporting the Excel add-in functionality.These reports have macros incorporated into them which further increases the complexity of migrating them to Smartview.

      I wanted to know what are the steps to do this and what level of effort it will take.

      I would really appreciate if anybody could help me with this.

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          Matt Milella-Oracle

          Here is a link to a blog I did on this a while back. The macros will have to be converted but aside from that there is no other conversion needed.
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            Thanks a lot for your reply. That really helps. If I have understood you correctly, what you are saying is the Excel Add-in reports will work fine with Smartview and need no conversion but the macros of Excel Add-in will have to be re-written in Smartview? If yes, can you tell me the level of effort required to do that? I'm very new to Hyperion and Smartview and apologize if my questions sound silly.

            Also, you mentioned in your blog that you will be posting a demo video of the conversion. Can you kindly provide the link to the video?

            Thanks once again.
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              Matt Milella-Oracle
              Effort is really impossible to generalize. It depends on the type and amount of code. Not planning to post a video but we have posted the conversion utility I referenced in the blog.