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    Error while deploying ABCS with custom XPATH using AID

    Anish Raj
      Hi All,

      I use a custom xpath function as given below in the Provider ABCS BPEL.

      <from expression="sql:queryToWhereClause(ora:getNodes('xxx','xxxx','xxxxxxxx'))"/>
      <to variable="variableName" part="predicate"/>

      When I deploy this ABCS from jdeveloper, everything works fine.

      When I try to deploy the ABCS composite using the AID, it throws this error,

      [scac] error: in QueryPersonEbizProvABCSImplProcess.bpel(733): could not resolve xpath function "queryToWhereClause", because function "sql:queryToWhereClause" not registered.

      I have dropped the classe into $SOA_HOME/soa/modules/oracle.soa.ext_11.1.1/classes, and it still looks like the AID is not able to locate the class. Am I dropping the classes into the right location, or is it something else that is missing? Any pointers are appreciated.