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    Email attachment using BIP send button

      Hi all,
      We have a requirement to send out emails from BIP(we are using Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher Release We are facing the following challenges.

      •     We have to send the generated report as the body to an email. By using bursting we are able to send it only as an attachment but all email parameters like (to,cc,subject) are taken in runtime via the bursting query.(We can use the PARAMETER5 to type in the body contents , but we need the entire formatted report as body).
      •     We tried the using the ‘Send’ option, that sends the report to the body. But the email parameters(to,cc,subject) are to be keyed in manually and there is no option we could attach any document manually.(even a static document)
      •     We would like to know, if there is any way we could attach a document using the send button?
      •     And also is it possible to attach one report to the body of an email and another report as an attachment to the same email?
      •     Is this possible with Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher Release as there is an option to rename email attachments? Check [Oracle docs|http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E10415_01/doc/bi.1013/e14667/bip_101342.htm]

      If someone has worked on this issue earlier, kindly help us . TIA

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