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    OIM 11gR2 UDF


      I try to configure new UDF atribute on my enviro. I follow this steps:
      1, create/activate sandbox
      2, edit User form in Form designer
      3, create text field with display label and auto generated name (myText)
      4, db table usr automatically was extended with atribute usr_udf_mytext

      On Identity self service extend user create form:
      1, create user
      2, customize - view source
      3, Basic Information -> panelFormLayout -> Add Content -> Data Component - Manage Users -> UserVO1 -> myText Add -> ADF Input text w/Label
      4, close design
      5, add value to textbox myText and subbmit form
      6, form saved succesfully
      7, when i checked db table usr the value for atirbute usr_udf_mytext not set.

      If i try it with default value of atribut this vaule was set do db, but only the default value.

      Have you any suggestion how can i solve this problem and correctly save UDF?