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    Logging runtime events

      Hello. Could you please help me and say if it's possible to look through all user's runtime actions on a portal. For example, if some user edited some page and added/removed/edited some content on it, I must know about it and find information about it in logs. Now I found some useful logging information in my "em" application. (http://<myhost>/em ->My domain -> Logs -> View Log Messages) and there I can find some information about Id's of added elements. But there's not a lot of info actually: "The clientId of the selected component ispt1:e3497802468". And I wonder on what page it happened and what exactly an "ispt1:e3497802468" element is. Very important to figure out, help please. Thank you.
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          Okay, I red manuals about logging setting. Now I'm trying to change their settings with wlst. But there are too many loggers. They all've got an Inhertited logging level, so I set the oracle.adfinternal to the finest TRACE:32 level. Now I've got a tonns of logs but there is still no interesting information there. I wonder who, when and what edited and on which page in runtime. Does anybody know the issue?