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    Reg: REQAPPRV workflow Timeouts were not working for specific users.

      We are using Standard REQAPPRV workflow in iProcurment.
      When ever the Requisition is created it went to manager for approval.
      After two days manager will get First Reminder and after two days(Means fourth day) manager will get second Reminder after two days(Means sixth day) , this requisition will be escalated(Six days one cycle completed) to Manager' manager.
      I,e: we had set Notification timeout is two days in Workflow.

      This workflow is working fine as expected for lot of users.
      But only for two users the entire cycle is completed in one honor instead of six days Escalation.

      Hence, please provide your valuable information to fix this issue.

      Whether at the time of Requisition creation any setup is missing or any user level profile values were changed....

      Kindly suggest.