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    Kerberos - Dynamic realms configuration and multiple configuration on JVM

      Hi all,

      We are developing a system that have a support for getting the users from an active directory.

      We should have support for more than one kerberos configuration on the same JVM, and the krb should be dynamic. (our clients should know nothing about krb.conf).
      As it seems the kerberos configuration is a system property and therefor global.

      1. Is there a support for dynamic configuration? (adding realms and KDC on the fly).
      2. Is there a support for multiple configuration? (different kerb.conf per login mogule).

      A common scenario use case of our system.

      Domain A
      Domain B (trusted by A).
      Domain C (sub domain of B).

      Domain A1

      the default realm of client A and B can be different.