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    export table partition

    R. Royal
      I need export many partition (more 1000)

      export datapump use:
      TABLES=[schema_name.]table_name[:p1],[schema_name.]table_name[:p2],[schema_name.]table_name[:p2] [, ...:p1000]
      BUT I'd like to use query on DBA_TAB_PARTITIONS or USER_TAB_PARTITIONS.

      Can I use a query into TABLES parameter or INCLUDE parameter for table partition?

      Thanks in advence!
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          Richard Harrison .
          Looks like it might only be possible through the plsql API - see an example here:


          The other approach may be to have a query setting that selects the partitions you want (essentially repeat the partition clause in the query - easy for list partitioning for example....)