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    Changing Hypervisor IP Addresses

      Hi Everybody-

      We set up our OVM cluster's networking, initially, in a very simple "get it working for testing" setup and need to make it more robust, utilizing all four network interfaces. We want to use two ports for management and migration and two ports for production traffic. In order to do this, the management interface has to be moved to a different subnet with different IP addresses. Currently the hypervisors are in DNS.

      How can we safely make the change (downtime is acceptable for this) without losing other configurations? Our biggest concern is the hypervisor IP address change, both how to make the change itself and how to then get the pool back in order with the new IPs.

      Thoughts? Documentation links (I'd like to RTFM this one, but haven't found it yet)? Thanks!

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          I know there was a specific way to change an IP in virtual iron. I don't know if that still holds true or not.

          I would say as long as you have a valid reverse lookup zone to hold the PTR record for the new subnet..... it should be fine. This would assume you still have a valid path to your storage that contains the server pools and repos. I can't see Oracle referencing a VM server strictly by IP. Then again... I could be wrong. You can detect VM servers by IP and I'm not sure if that gets hardcoded anywhere. Surely they use a reverse lookup to reference host name but I'm not sure.
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            J Peters-Oracle
            The default OVM Manager 3.1.1 install uses Oracle XE database.

            Changing the hostname of the OVM Manager will require update of "HOST" in "listener.ora" and "tnsnames.ora",

            [root@ovms311-m admin]# pwd

            [root@ovms311-m admin]# grep HOST *.ora
            listener.ora: (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = ovm311-m)(PORT = 1521))
            tnsnames.ora: (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = ovms311-m)(PORT = 1521))

            I do this for deployment of OVM Manager using a tar archive of a undiscovered Manager installed directly on OVM 3.1.1 host.

            Similar to prior posting "OVM 3.0.3 import VirtualBox OVM Manager 3.0.3 OVA template",

            Re: OVM 3.0.3 import VirtualBox OVM Manager 3.0.3 OVA template

            In this deployment I installed OL6 then OVM Manager 3.1.1 vs import of the OVA. I then do an archive of the Manager VM
            and copy it to other OVM hosts to self manage e.g. DMZ hosts which are islands to themselves.

            I am currently playing with upgrade of this OVM Manager 3.1.1 to OVM Manager 3.2.1.