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    Unable to determine real path from Servlet context [message]

      Hi people, I´m working in a seam-weblogic project, in particular the application print some reports (made with iReport) I dev the application in a eclipse environment, details of the env are.
      Win 7 x86, 3 GB RAM (YES dev weblogic app hurts), jdk 1.6 32 bit, and eclipse juno with jboss tools
      Using SEAM 2.2.2 and weblogic 10.3.3, and iReport 3.7.6, the situation is, when I test the application from the eclipse environment all works fine, and reports are printed in pdf format, but, when I export the project to a EAR file, and then is where appears the dark appears, I put the ear into the weblogic server (for production environment) via the weblogic web console and when I run the application, no reports are print (all corrupted) and just a WARNING message appears at console

      WARNING: Unable to determine real path from servlet context for "/WEB-INF/dev" path does not exist.

      this message apperas repeated, one for each page I open within the application. I´ve readed other posts and searched over the web, and have a (maybe wrong) idea, when I export to EAR, there is a missing xml or something I forget, that make weblogic know where is the Servlet context (sorry for the esoteric point, I was desperated when I though about it). Now, dear community if you have some idea, it will be really helpful for me, thanks in advance, and sorry for the bad english, not my native language)