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    Assignment DFF Database Item not refreshing

      Hi All,

      Mine is a strange case where I am getting the eligible amount for
      a particular calculation from assignment DFF. The context is enabled based on the context.

      When I'm trying to access the database item it is giving me the old value although I have updated it to a new amount.

      And also 2 database items are created one is named as XXXX_TRANSPORT_ALL and the other is XXXX_TRANSPORT_EX.

      I tried both but when i use ALL it gives the amount chosen for some other employee and when i choose EX it gives the old value which i updated to something value.

      Is it because the database items are not getting refreshed?

      my code looks something like this

      Monthly_Amount = 0

      Monthly_Amount = XXXX_TRANSPORT_EX

      L_Monthly_Amount = Monthly_Amount *(L_days_considered/L_month_days)

      L_msg = L_msg||'Monthly amount:'||TO_CHAR(Monthly_Amount)||' Days
      paid:'||TO_CHAR(L_days_considered)||' Amount Paid:'||TO_CHAR(ROUND(L_Monthly_Amount,3))

      RETURN L_Monthly_Amount, L_msg

      Any help pls