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    PeopleSoft User Management not reconciling properly


      This is a follow up to a problem that is solved here : Re: Reconciliation Rule based on arbitrary field

      We are reconciling employees form PeopleSoft with the Employee Reconciliation connector. By default, the connector maps EMPLID to the OIM User ID. That is not what we want, so we have mapped the EMPLID to the OIM Employee Number field. As a result, the User ID is automatically generated by OIM. That is fine since we want to retrieve the User ID from PeopleSoft with the User Management connector.

      Now, we have modified the User Management reconciliation rule so that "Employee Number Equals Employee ID" and we have created a new reconciliation profile. When we receive a USER_PROFILE message from PeopleSoft, the connector still seems to be trying to match the User ID from the message to the User ID in OIM. If we manually set the User ID of the subject in OIM to the one we expect to receive in the USER_PROFILE, a new user is created and associated with the existing OIM subject. If we do not manually change the User ID in OIM, we get an error saying that no user match was found.

      Has anyone experimented with the reconciliation rule of the PeopleSoft User Management connector?

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          Rajiv Dewan
          It seems that you are using both the connectors of Peoplesoft (Employee Reconciliation and User Management)

          . When you hit the "Create Reconciliation Profile" then make sure no error should appear in the server logs
          . Sometimes you have to click "Create Reconciliation Profile" multiple times
          . Go to Process Definition > reconciliation Field Mapping Tab > Verify the KEY field defined there
          Make sure Employee Number/ID should be defined as KEY field
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            Nishith Nayan
            what about Reconciliation Action Rule. verify RO->Object Reconciliation->Reconciliation Action Rule for below entries:

            No Matches Found     Create User          
            One Entity Match Found     Establish Link          
            One Process Match Found     Establish Link

            create Reconciliation Profile once again
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              Yes, I'm using both Employee Reconciliation and User Management. When creating the reconciliation profile, I see no errors in the logs. I've also tried clicking the Create button multiple times. I've tried adding the Employee Number as one of the key fields but it did not help.

              I've just tried modifying the Reconciliation Action Rule, but I've got a problem. For the "No Matches Found" Role Condition, I can only set the "None" Rule Action. I've deleted the condition and tried adding it again, but I can't even set the action that used to be there. It used to be "Assign to administrator with least load" but now, the only action in the drop-down is "None".


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                For the No Matches found if you want to specify a Action for Creating the user, you shall probably need to check the Trusted Source checkbox in the Resource Object.