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    Diagnostic Archives do not schrink

    Peter van Nes at The Future Group
      On one of our WLS servers we have configured a File Based Diagnostic Archive. The preferred store size is 100(MB) and a Max File Size of 1342177280 (bytes).
      Despite these settings there are 6 WLS_DIAGNOSTICS00000?.DAT allocation approx 6.4GB of diskspace. It seems to be an open issue since there is an
      article 864869.1, “Weblogic Server (WLS) WLDF Diagnostic File Size Keeps Growing and Not Schrinking” on oracle support.

      I tried to work around this by enabling data retirement policies, but those do not seem the delete the old events/data.
      Also tried do call the deleDataRecords operations, but this wlst script fails with an "javax.management.InstanceNotFoundException: javax.ma...DFRuntime" on the mbs.invoke.

      bound = datetime.datetime.now() - datetime.timedelta(days=-7)
      wldfRuntimeBean = ObjectName('com.bea:ServerRuntime=aaa_server2,Name=HarvestedDataArchive,Location=aaa_server2,Type=WLDFDataAccessRuntime,WLDFAccessRuntime=Accessor,WLDFRuntime=WLDFRuntime')
      paramValues = [0L,bound,""]
      paramSignatures = ["java.lang.Long","java.lang.Long","java.lang.String"]
      count = mbs.invoke(wldfRuntimeBean,"deleteDataRecords",paramValues, paramSignatures)

      Anyone any hints/tips

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