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    Creating a single ear file for SOAP plus wsdl architecture

      Hi team,

      We are supporting an application which initially supported only SOAP RPC calls to connect to other applications via webmethods. Recently we have developed another module using .wsdl approach and have deployed this module separately using a separate ear file.

      The details of the application are as below:
      --> Application is developed in J2EE hence a J2EE container is required.
      --> Oracle 10g v9.0.4.1 is being used
      --> for database we have Oracle 9i RDBMS Enterprise Edition v9.2.0.6
      --> The applicationn is developed in the ODC based on Solaris 9 / Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g AS v9.0.4.1.
      --> Application and SOAP are deployed in the same Oracle 10g instance.

      Now that we have 2 ear files deployed on the Oracle OC4J server , we are being pushed by business to deploy a single ear file to implement both the functionalities.

      Please suggest if there are any Possibilities to create a single ear file to deploy such an application supporting both SOAP calls and wsdl approach. If we can, please assist. We do not want to make changes to the existing as-is soap calls and we also want to continue using the new module using the wsdl approach.

      Please also suggest the possibilities of any conflict that could arise as a result of deploying a single ear?

      Note: Incase any other inputs are required from our end, kindly let us know. Thanks

      Vtx team

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