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    Query on OTD configuration:Routing not working as expected

      Hi All,

      1)I have deployed my Calendar webapplication on webserver abc with context root Calendar

      2)I have OTD Instance node running on http://xyz and Admin node running on https://xyz:/

      3) I have configured http route $path = "/cotest1/*" and $security

      When I am trying to access my application from OTD http://abc/cotest1 its not routing to my web application even though I have configured http-route.

      But when I try to access using http://xyz:/Calendar/ my request is getting processed.

      My query is why my request is not processed when I try http://abc:/cotest1 or Am I doing something wrong in configuration?

      What should my configuration look if my request has to get processed by url http://abc:/cotest1

      Admin Node: https://abc/


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