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    VS2010 doesn't show ODP.NET as a Data Provider after ODAC112030 install

      I had an existing ODAC installation in a Oracle_OraClient11g_home2 that allowed me successfully to connect to the database with my Autodesk Software (TB).

      I installed VS2010 and then ODAC112030 for the Visual Studio Tools. I went with the OUI recommendation in creating a new Client Home (Oracle_OraClient11g_home3). I Started VS2010 to see if it registered the new ODAC installation. NO!! No ODP.NET Data Provider was listed in the Add Data Connection Wîzard. ODAC VS2010 Documentation was also not succesfully linked.

      Can anyone tell me whats wrong with my installation?

      Would be Much appreciated, as I can't even start to use the Tools when the server explorer can't make a connection. I assume the direct referencing of the Oracle Client Assembly might workto create a connection in code, but haven't tried that yet. I was looking to see Oracle Users in the server explorer.