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    Maximise Task Pages in iFrame popup Window when opened From ADF Task List


      We have built a custom worklist application that implements the Out of the Box Task list ADF Task flow. For application reasons, we have disabled the preview window (bottom section of task list) by using the Task Flow paramters.

      When navigating from the tasklist, it launches a new browser window for the applicable task.FYI the browser url seems to take the pattern of that below.


      My question is is it feasible to control the size of this window? It allows seems to open a set size. The ideal would be to maximise the window to a full screen. This would save the users having to do this manually. Does anyone know if this is feasible? Or have any ideas suggestions for items you have done to perform similar functionality.

      Any help would be appreciated to see if this is feasible.

      FYI, we are using SOA/BPM

      Many Thanks