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    Use of Hints in performance tuning


      Please let me know actual usage of hints in query tunging, how do we write hints of increase performnace.

      let me know below query will gives better performnce. if hints are not use query will degrade performance.

      SELECT /*+ ORDERED INDEX (b, jl_br_balances_n1) USE_NL (j b)
      USE_NL (glcc glf) USE_MERGE (gp gsb) */
      b.application_id ,
      b.set_of_books_id ,
      p.vendor_id Personnel,
      p.segment1 PersonnelNumber,
      p.vendor_name Name
      FROM jl_br_journals j,
      jl_br_balances b,
      gl_code_combinations glcc,
      fnd_flex_values_vl glf,
      gl_periods gp,
      gl_sets_of_books gsb,
      po_vendors p