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    listener.log saying TNSLSNR Obsolete

      We are trying to upgrade our database from 11.1.07 to 11.2.03 and we have installed the software but have not done an upgrade of the database yet. We tried to start the listener on 11.2.03 but it keeps crashing and in the listener.log we are getting the following statements. These statements usually say "Production" instead of "Obsolete". I am unsure what it is telling me is obsolete? Does anyone have an idea what this is telling me?

      LSNRCTL for HPUX Version - Obsolete

      Version TNSLSNR for HPUX Version - Obsolete
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          We found our problem, we had to reinstall. The install did not finish correctly even though it said it was successful. We believe it had something to do with dbcontrol not being shutdown during the install. We were receiving the message below and also were not even able to open sqlplus.