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    Calculate a Column with a % Base of Row


      I need help to build a Analytics Report with a column that shows the % based on the value of a specific row, as shown.

      TOTAL SALES 100,814 100%
      - NATIONAL SALES 100,814 100%
      TOTAL SALES COSTS 7,404 7%
      - BUILDING SPENDS 4,872 5%
      - MATERIALS 2,532 3%
      TOTAL GENERAL SPEND 1,532 2%
      - ADMINISTRATION 1,532 2%

      As you can see, every value in the third column (%) is a percentage base on the value of the "TOTAL SALES" Row.

      I've already try the different options for a "Pivot table", which are Percentage of "Column, Row, Section, Page, Column Parent, Row parent, Layer" when a "Duplicate Layer" of my measure.

      Any ideas how to do this?

      Thanks in advance