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    APEX + SSO + APEX Listener through Load Balancer

    David Pulliam
      I am having a problem with my authentication when I am running my APEX instance through a load balancer (A10 Networks AX2500). What is happening is that when using SSO authenticaiton, when SSO redirects to the load balancer VIP, the page never loads. Has anyone had any experience operating in an environment with a multi-node load balanced front end for APEX?

      I have 4 Application Server Nodes behind my VIP which talks SSL to the outside world but terminates the SSL and uses plain Http to my apex app servers. I am running on Oracle Database 10gR2, APEX, and SSO 10g on AS

      Yes, I realize our APEX is several versions out and were planning to upgrade once we get our new front end working correctly. Can anyone offer any advice?