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    versions of PHP and libxml2 for Linux Redhat

      I installed PHP 5.3.19. I had two choices from http://php.net/downloads.php. Version 5.4 or 5.3. The latest version of libxml2 available for RHEL 5.5 is 2.6.26 release 2.1.15. Should I go with this one or should I download a later version for Fedora, and if so which one, or should I download an earlier version of PHP to go with libxml2 2.6.26 release 2.1.15 and if so which one?

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          - It's been a long while since I used 5.5. It came out in March 2010.
          In anycase, the current 5.8 has the same release of libxml,
          specifically libxml2-2.6.26-

          - You could review the changes since 2010 in the PHP extensions you're
          interested in, e.g. simplexml

          - It sounds like you are starting new development. If so, I'd suggest
          evaluating PHP 5.4 because the end-game for PHP 5.3 is being
          discussed right now, e.g.: http://news.php.net/php.internals/64214

          - If you're doing new development, can you update Linux? Oracle Linux
          (which is compatible with RH) and full errata are available for free
          from http://public-yum.oracle.com/ Also see
          https://blogs.oracle.com/OTNGarage/entry/how_to_subscribe_to_the and
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            I'm actually on RHEL 5.8 the updates bring the 5.5 to 5.8 thanks. Can I install PHP 5.3.19 with libxml2 2.6.26 release 2.1.15 using your write-up:
            http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/topics/php/php-ohs-092324.html? I can't move to RHEL 6.x. The latest php in my yum repository is 5.1.6 release 39.el5_8. Would this version work with your instructions? Would I have to do something different with the OCI8?
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              - Oracle Linux 5 is also available from the repo I mentioned.

              - There are 8 extensions in the PHP source that require libxml2. I don't know which one(s) you want. I have built some in the past on OL. I expect many other people have built PHP and some or all of the XML-based extensions on RH or OL 5.x. You won't have difficulty testing it yourself since building command line PHP takes only a few steps; just don't pass an with-apxs2 flag to PHP's "configure" command. You can choose which extensions you want, such as with-simplexml (which is default, BTW)

              - The PHP RPMs will not install on OHS because the RPMs depend upon, and install into, the httpd RPM

              - The OHS web page you mentioned wasn't written by me (and is slightly obsolete regarding header files, though I've often requested the owner update it). The best instructions for installing on OHS are in the newly updated The Underground PHP and Oracle Manual. See page 86.

              - Again, I'd recommend using PHP 5.4.
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                So do I just run a make clean (if so, where do I run this - doesn't seem to work from the directory where I run ./configure) then just install 5.4 and run the configure again? should I just go ahead with the latest 2.9.0 version of libxml2 as well?
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                  How you clean up would depend on how & where you installed PHP. The 'make clean' and 'make distclean' don't impact files such as binaries installed by 'make install'. You would manually need to remove these.