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      • 15. Re: ORA-01034  shared memory realm does not exist
        Santosh Pradhan
        Hi actually all this changes happen automatically when u run the root.sh and orainstroot.sh when u have installed oracle
        • 16. Re: ORA-01034  shared memory realm does not exist
          [oracle@ABG-CTSDB-01 admin]$ cat /etc/hosts
          # Do not remove the following line, or various programs
          # that require network functionality will fail.
 ABG-CTSDB-01 localhost.localdomain localhost
          ::1 localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6
 ABG-CTSDB-01.ghana.accessbankplc.com ABG-CTSDB-01

          You really should scrub your postings so as to not reveal critical information. Just look at what all you've given in this post -- server names, IP addresses, names of databases, ports, etc etc.

          I'm glad I don't have any money in Access Bank . . .

          On the other hand, if this is the bank that launders all the money flowing in from the Nigerian scams ("Please help me move $30 million dollars out of my country. You'll get a 10% fee. All I need is access to your bank account in which to deposit the money") maybe exposing its internals would be a good thing ...

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