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    OEM 2-system install is failing - Seeking Assistance


      I am attempting to upgrade our existing OEM installation using the 2-System method and am encountering difficulties. I am installing on two boxes, one for the repository and one for the OMS. Among the various documents I am using the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Upgrade Guide Release 1 ( Many notes are available as well.

      The original repository is on Solaris SPARC and the new repository is on RHEL 5. I believe that is necessary as the existing repository is RDBMS so the new repository is also and that is not certiied on RHEL 6. I will upgrade the repository later. Because of cross platform limitations it was necessary to use the datapump export/import to restore the repository to the new server. The datapump converted some materialized views to tables so to deal with that it was necessary to change one of the scripts, -
      to handle that issue. First problem solved.

      It then turns out that during the import there were 34 errors indicating constraint creation failed -
      ORA-39083: Object type REF_CONSTRAINT failed to create with error:
      ORA-02298: cannot validate (SYSMAN.MGMT_CLUSTER_CONFIG0) - parent keys not found
      Failing sql is:

      I discovered that after the first attempt at installation. Then when running the installer it failed with the error -

      2012-12-05 08:57:01.083 rcu:Extracted SQL Statement: [ALTER TABLE "MGMT_CLUSTER_CONFIG" DROP CONSTRAINT "MGMT_CLUSTER_CONFIG0" CASCADE]
      2012-12-05 08:57:01.083 rcu:Statement Type: 'DDL Statement'
      JDBC SQLException - ErrorCode: 2443SQLState:72000 Message: ORA-02443: Cannot drop constraint - nonexistent constraint

      I suppose I could create the constraint manually and retry the install but I expect it will fail on the remaining non-existent constraints and besides, that seems like a kludge.

      Has anyone encountered this situation and resolved it? Is there a resolution? I have an SR open with Oracle but have not yet gotten a response from them. Suggestions and advice appreciated.

      Thank you.
      Bill Wagman
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          Akanksha Sheoran Kaler-Oracle
          Hi Bill,

          There are other users in this forum who have done repository migration before doing the EM upgrade. For repository migration across platform refer to: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24628_01/doc.121/e24473/repository.htm#BGBEBBHE
          Make sure that the repository on new platform is all ok and working fine. If there are any issues with the rep cross platform migration the EM upgrade will throw error. What is the SR number ? I can ask support to look into this and help you.

          Also we have new version of EM out EM you can upgrade from 11g to directly. i recommend you to go to the latest EM version
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            Thank you for the reply. I strongly suspect that you are correct, there are problems with the way I have migrated the repository. As stated in the reference you provided (and also I learned because of platform differences) export/import must be used thus I used the datapump. The only test I did was to make sure the database was up and accessible. If you can provide other suggestions or tasks to verify the repository I would appreciate it.

            After the import completed I did follow the steps in Oracle® Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Upgrade Guide 12c Release 1 ( Part No. E22625-09 to verify that the repository was ready to go. At that point I began the installation process. Investigation after it failed is how I learned that constraints had not been properly created by the import. I communicated that information to Oracle via the SR yesterday and am awaiting a reply. The SR number is 3-6487729981 and I am open to any assistance I can get.

            Any further suggestions you can offer would be very welcome.
            Thank you.
            Bill Wagman