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    OIM 11gR2 - reconcile organization hierarchy for OIM org.


      I try to reconcile organization hierarchy maintaind in connected AD ITResource, but can't find any option to set Parent organization name to maintain hierarchy for OIM organization created with trusted reconciliation.

      Have you any suggestion, hint how build ORG hierarchy in OIM with reconciliation?

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          Nishith Nayan
          this can't be done using trusted recon. But write a separate scheduled task for this and call OIM11gR2 API which will create Organization based on given criteria. and call this scheduled task before trusted recon so that user will be reconciled against their corresponding organization.

          call OrganizationManager.create(Organization org) method for creating organization.

          create Organization object as Organization org=new Organization();
          then set all the required parameter along with Parent Organization name

          org.setAttribute(java.lang.String name, java.lang.Object value)

          ex: if orgname=ABC and parent org=XYZ
          org.setAttribute( OrganizationManagerConstants.AttributeName.ORG_PARENT_NAME ,"XYZ");

          OrganizationManager orgManager=Platform.getService(OrganizationManager.class);

          you can set OrganizationManagerConstants.AttributeName.ORG_TYPE("Company") as well
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            Pallavi Chaudhari

            Set task input parameter 'MaintainHierarchy' to Yes.

            You can find more information here: