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    Informatica failed to update records in target table


      Recently I converted hourly full load into incremental laod. everything is working good except updating records in target. Informatica not updating any records and I'm trying to understand and troubleshoot the issue. details given below

      I ran mapping debugger and came to know Filter transformation is filtering the data instead of passing to next transformation because update flag is X.

      ETL_PROC_WID AND LKP_ETL_PROC_WID are same and update flag = X.

      I dont understand why ETL_PROC_WID AND LKP_ETL_PROC_WID are same. As per my knowledge Informatica generates new ETL_PROC_WID for every ETL run. If you know anything about it please let me know.

      I executed code in SYS_COL_DIFF and UPDATE_FLG manually(on paper for few records) by assuming ETL_PROC_WID AND LKP_ETL_PROC_WID are different and got UPDATE_FLG=U

      If you know how MPLT_GET_ETL_PROC_WID mapplet in OOTB works please let me know.

      appreciate you for your help


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